How to correct Youtube auto-generated captions?

Auto captions are impressive, but deadly. A previous post showed an example of a brand name being interpreted phonetically, with hilarious consequences.

Here’s the quickest way to adjust your subtitles:

  • From the list view in your Youtube Channel video manager, locate “Subtitles and CC”.

Locate subtitles


  • Click on the circular, green button confirming the language setting.

Click on green button which sets the language

  • Preview the automatic captions and click edit from the bottom right.

Preview and edit captions

  • Click Overwrite and this will allow you to adjust text and timings. At the very least, check how the captioning has interpreted your brand name. Publish your changes.  
  • If you need to export your subtitles, use the actions menu on the top right to download an SRT file. By changing the extention name to .txt, you will be able to view or copy them to wordpad.

Creating an Orphan Page in

wordpress-orphanpageAn orphan web page has the URL but does not appear in the site navigation. It can be useful for short term campaign content, press releases or anything which doesn’t belong on your main menu. is an excellent platform for users who want an attractive, professional website with minimum maintenance. However, it does not facilitate orphan pages.

A quick and effective workaround is to:

  1. Create a blog post with your custom URL or “slug”
  2. Backdate the publish date
  3. Publish

Your vanity URL will redirect automatically to include the date as but it will still be accessible at looks and sounds much more attractive in an email or radio campaign.

Your new content page will not appear on your site provided you have sufficient, more recent blog entries. Sidebar widgets typically show the most recent posts – by publish date – at the top of the list.

Repurpose Infographics with Video

Are your infographics functioning as thought leadership in their own right and not just being read by search engines?

Infographics are an extremely popular source of SEO link bait. However, it takes painstaking data mining, careful study and meticulous design to create one. The format is deceptively simple.

Could you get more coverage from this most valued asset?

Animaker has released an infographics capability to its video animation software, which until now has been mainly used for creating explainer videos. It is more colourful than other, similar tools.

Add a compelling voiceover, sound effects and royalty-free background music and you have a completely new treatment of an existing asset.

Delight your audience with minimum effort. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss!

Practical Marketing Planning

Suffering from Insomnia?


Writing down your marketing vision helps to share it with your team. It also means you don’t have to keep everything in your head – which means a better night’s sleep!

Like all goals, there is a better chance of achieving them if they are written down. 4X better according to sources.

When you search for marketing planning templates, there are so many options, it’s impossible to choose one.

During my time working in the marketing department of a global company, we used this strategic marketing planning approach.

Here’s why I recommend it:

  • Get a long term view with short term actions.
  • Use existing data sources for a more tangible feel.
  • Build in your competitive strengths & USPs.
  • Ensure your marketing strategy comes directly from your business strategy, and subsequently your marketing activities support your marketing strategy.
  • Estimate return from individual activities. This identifies quick wins and leads to more straightforward decision-making.

Overspending on Google Adwords?

overspending   It’s often the largest of all marketing expenses. The results are usually good. But do you have to spend quite so much? What would happen if you cut your budget by 50% overnight?

In practice, most advertisers reverse that change just as quickly. Not strictly because the hypothesis was incorrect – It is possible that 20% of your paid search activity is delivering 80% of results. But cutting budget at the Adwords campaign level will offer you very little insight into identifying that magic 20%.

Adwords also impacts analytics. Clicks from Google adwords SEM generates a lot of traffic. Perhaps it’s the primary traffic source for your website. This is especially important for companies who employ an SEO agency or work across dispersed teams.

A dramatic drop in spend and subsequently web traffic may cause alarm bells.
This costs time.
In worst cases, without proper insights this can fuel knee-jerk business decisions, which rarely serve your long term goals.

So, how to you cut back Adwords budget if you feel you are overspending?
The simple answer is to start at the keyword level and run a search query report for top spending keywords. Even branded keywords can be broad matched to irrelevant terms.
If users click on them – for example if the ad contains the word “Free” – the search engine will continue to rank you for those terms. Many advertisers top up their campaign daily budget to compensate for this and that’s where the overspend happens.

There are many other opportunities for improving Google Adwords campaign efficiencies, including account restructure and optimisation plans.

Based on several years of managing $1m+ budgets, in my opinion starting at the search query level is the quickest win. Done correctly, it will lead to a natural decline in Google adwords spend for the same results and even free up enough budget to fund other marketing activity.

The Power of Video


Video can make a powerful impact and it has the highest sharing rate on social media.

The easiest way to get started is with an animated slideshow of images from your website with great music and a suitable voiceover. We can use any existing footage you have.

  • I will take you through the process to legally choose your background music.
  • I can source or create your script and voiceover .
  • For a really professional feel, we can add a branded animation to introduce the video.

The approximate cost is EUR 100 per minute, or per 150 words of video script.

What can a Marketing Professional do for you?


Achieve your Sales Targets

An experienced marketing professional will work with you and your team on strategy, execution and optimisation. Your business strategy and goals are central to every activity and will be reflected in every single piece of work.

Drive Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)

The goal is simple: to drive ROI both in the short and long term. This is achieved by getting the best possible response rates and using efficient, economical processes to manage cost.

Save on Design and Print

Almost every project involves working in dispersed teams in a variety of functions. Fast, efficient delivery on time and on budget is a given. Experience brings a wealth of knowledge on how to drive the best results from everyone involved in the project.

Hotel Wi-Fi creates measurable increase in positive online reviews

The Best Western Academy Plaza hotel, located close to O’Connell street in Dublin is one of the few hotels who saw Wi-Fi as a critical service since as far back as 2003.

“If you have a service interruption, hotels can manage without water or power but not Wi-Fi!” said hotel manager, Peter Collins.  Their management team created a strategy to ensure their guests always enjoy a quality WiFi experience.

“Our Wi-Fi equipment is always replaced before it becomes 5 years old,” confirmed Peter and for years, they have upgraded a fifth of the network annually.

In spite of this careful ongoing maintenance programme, Wi-Fi capacity and security were growing concerns for the Best Western hotel. They took painstaking steps to implement a controlled pilot in 2015 however the solution tested didn’t make the grade.

“We carried out a small scale pilot on the head-end. That system couldn’t cope with our Wi-Fi traffic volumes,” reported Peter. “It was back to the drawing board to find a new provider.”

The Best Western team researched the options extensively, after which they rolled out a ProWinet secure Wi-Fi solution from in May 2016 and saw immediate benefits.

“We were looking for a solid, working backbone. The ProWinet Wi-Fi solution had the capacity to meet our demands. This meant users were consistently getting excellent connection quality and speed – fast enough for all tasks, streaming, Skype calls, email and browsing. We also got coverage in former blind spots for the first time and have started to get some compliments from guests on the consistency of the service.”

The benefits for this Best Western Hotel include better visibility and faster response times. “We can now see the system health at a quick glance. The “traffic light” control panel shows if all systems are go. If we need to change settings or refresh, we know exactly where to go – no need to worry if it was a system issue or a device issue like before.”

The service immediately created a net increase in positive online reviews. “In the first 2 months, we saw an increase in positive reviews of our hotel, with no increase in negative reviews. The Wi-Fi is the only thing we changed in that time.”

As a 300-bedroom hotel with significant tour operator clientele, reviews are a core metric for the Best Western hotel. “Every hotel is different. For some hotels, repeat business is the goal. For us it’s all about referral business. That increase in positive online reviews will directly help our business.”

Peters’ team also chose the ProWinet solution for its strong security features. “The wireless knowledge delivered by the ProWinet team is excellent and for us, guest security is paramount. Hacking is already a concern for corporate users and it’s going to be a bigger concern for all users as time goes on. It’s nice to know we’ve ticked that box and that we are very well covered”.

He also confirmed the ProWinet quotation process was simple and easy to navigate, without unnecessary technical jargon. “The pricing was fair and easy to understand. We now better manage the kit we already had and complimented it with a correctly set up and managed system maximising ROI.”

The rollout was also pain free. Peter describes ProWinet staff as professional and courteous and the installation as seamless. “They came in every hour as needed, even overnight.”

In order to prevent disruption to guests, ProWinet kept WiFi live in the lobby, public areas and conference rooms at all times. Where new equipment was introduced the transfer took just a few minutes.

While it’s clear the Wi-Fi investment will pay for itself relatively fast, the Best Western team also see the benefit of the powerful Wi-Fi analytics data from the ProWinet cloud application.

“We can now see that we have approximately 7,000 new users monthly with daily usage of between 700 and 800. We simply didn’t have these statistics until ProWinet WiFi was installed.”

Peter also confirmed he hoped to use the information captured at login to profile users for marketing purposes. “We can send targeted messages. Prior to this we only had information for the registered lead guest and no contact information for tours and groups. Now we have contact details for all users that register regardless of information captured at traditional front desk check-in.”

The Best Western team are also considering a custom landing page for users after they log in, for upselling and providing guest information. Peter shared, “It could be anything from Cocktail of the week to future booking offers.”

Cocktail with free Wi-Fi, anyone..?

Case study interview and copywriting by Paula Kinch