Creating an Orphan Page in

wordpress-orphanpageAn orphan web page has the URL but does not appear in the site navigation. It can be useful for short term campaign content, press releases or anything which doesn’t belong on your main menu. is an excellent platform for users who want an attractive, professional website with minimum maintenance. However, it does not facilitate orphan pages.

A quick and effective workaround is to:

  1. Create a blog post with your custom URL or “slug”
  2. Backdate the publish date
  3. Publish

Your vanity URL will redirect automatically to include the date as but it will still be accessible at looks and sounds much more attractive in an email or radio campaign.

Your new content page will not appear on your site provided you have sufficient, more recent blog entries. Sidebar widgets typically show the most recent posts – by publish date – at the top of the list.