Video Production

Here are some videos I produced:

Custom Slideshows:

Graphic designer Emer Byrne kindly allowed me create a showcase for her high quality portfolio using a cheerful, compelling soundtrack.

Product and Service videos:

I produce videos for Irish companies in a variety of industries. This example includes my own voiceover and video editing.

This video aims to boost apartment bookings and includes a voiceover.


This video has generated hundreds of organic video views from within Youtube. I created it a long time ago as an amateur project. I have a special interest in using video for educating preschoolers.

Facebook Video Promotions:

This video promotion generated thousands of views at very low cost.


Audio Editing:

I also record voiceovers and edit the audio directly into an existing video with adjusted timings. In this example, the customer needed an Irish voice to replace the English accent voiceover originally used in the video.

  • Listen to my voice recordings here

How to correct Youtube auto-generated captions?

Auto captions are impressive, but deadly. A previous post showed an example of a brand name being interpreted phonetically, with hilarious consequences.

Here’s the quickest way to adjust your subtitles:

  • From the list view in your Youtube Channel video manager, locate “Subtitles and CC”.

Locate subtitles


  • Click on the circular, green button confirming the language setting.

Click on green button which sets the language

  • Preview the automatic captions and click edit from the bottom right.

Preview and edit captions

  • Click Overwrite and this will allow you to adjust text and timings. At the very least, check how the captioning has interpreted your brand name. Publish your changes.  
  • If you need to export your subtitles, use the actions menu on the top right to download an SRT file. By changing the extention name to .txt, you will be able to view or copy them to wordpad.

Repurpose Infographics with Video

Are your infographics functioning as thought leadership in their own right and not just being read by search engines?

Infographics are an extremely popular source of SEO link bait. However, it takes painstaking data mining, careful study and meticulous design to create one. The format is deceptively simple.

Could you get more coverage from this most valued asset?

Animaker has released an infographics capability to its video animation software, which until now has been mainly used for creating explainer videos. It is more colourful than other, similar tools.

Add a compelling voiceover, sound effects and royalty-free background music and you have a completely new treatment of an existing asset.

Delight your audience with minimum effort. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss!

The Power of Video


Video can make a powerful impact and it has the highest sharing rate on social media.

The easiest way to get started is with an animated slideshow of images from your website with great music and a suitable voiceover. We can use any existing footage you have.

  • I will take you through the process to legally choose your background music.
  • I can source or create your script and voiceover .
  • For a really professional feel, we can add a branded animation to introduce the video.

The approximate cost is EUR 100 per minute, or per 150 words of video script.