Marketing in the customer’s environment


Everyone is busy. C-suite decision-makers are usually not available to take a call. It doesn’t matter how good your pitch is if nobody gets to hear it.

Traditionally, glossy direct marketing pieces in attractive boxes were considered the way to capture your prospect’s attention. The cost was huge.

If you have a really compelling message, there is a simple way to get it across.

This approach can be used to access sales decision-makers, court the press or head-hunt a candidate.

A custom, pre-recorded MP3 lets the customer hear what you have to say. They can listen on their smartphone while moving between meetings. It could be hosted and linked with SoundCloud or emailed directly.

A basic example is start with a voicemail and add the audio from your company video.

For a more sophisticated approach, first practise and perfect your script. Then use audio editing to personalise, update and reuse the same recording every time. You could even add a background soundtrack.

All this can be created with free tools or save time by outsourcing to a marketing freelancer.

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