The sign-off process


It’s a bad idea to sign off anything after 6pm on a Friday evening – especially if it’s for print. The human brain is simply not working at full capacity at the end of a frazzled week.

Getting extra pairs of eyes for proofing can be helpful, but it’s not guaranteed to be foolproof.

If the item is a branded giveaway or signage of any kind, every nuance of the logo must be considered, from the space around it, to the font, to the particular colour shade.

See if you can guess which of these 2 logos is the correct one.



It’s actually the first one, but it has nothing to do with the coloured part of the graphic. The double “M” is deliberately joined up in the official version. It’s possible the second version was created by someone who needed the logo quickly but didn’t have time to contact the organisers for the original.

This week An Post (Irish Post Office) implemented a mailshot promo, but didn’t leave enough space for the Postcode (Eircode) on the entry form.

With experience, we learn the best way to avoid these small mistakes. Often the simplest solution is to negotiate a Monday morning deadline. It makes a huge difference.


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