Video Production

Here are some videos I produced:

Custom Slideshows:

Graphic designer Emer Byrne kindly allowed me create a showcase for her high quality portfolio using a cheerful, compelling soundtrack.

This video aims to boost apartment bookings and includes a voiceover.

Intro & Outros for your brand or channel:

A logo reveal, aka an intro or an outro, is a HD quality special effects treatment of your brand using pre-existing, high impact templates. Sound, speed and colours can all be customised.


This video hasĀ generated hundreds of organic video views from within Youtube. I created it as an amateur project. I have a special interest in using video for educating preschoolers.

Facebook Video Promotions:

This video promotion generated thousands of views at very low cost.


Audio Editing:

Promoting my own Voiceover services to an Irish start-up audience, who were listed as parents in their profile.


I also record voiceovers and edit the audio directly into an existing video with adjusted timings. In this example, the customer needed an Irish voice to replace the English accent voiceover originally used in the video.

  • Listen to my voice recordings here

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