Project Management by Week and Best Before dates

Week numbers matter. There are 52 weeks in the year – that’s 13 x 4 weeks, and yet we only have 12 months.

The 3 days difference between February and March can mean loosing over half of a working week. It can slip by unnoticed, leading to last minute panic.

A simple solution is adding the week number to your Google Calendar.

On an iphone, visit Settings > Mail Contacts and Calendar. Scroll all the way down until you see this: 

An extra bonus is that you can check the best before dates in Aldi. They label their fruit and veg by week number + day of the week.

In the first example, 3503 means the 3rd day of the 35th week of the year – which commences August 29th – making the best before date August 31st.

You won’t be fooled any longer!


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