How to correct Youtube auto-generated captions?

Auto captions are impressive, but deadly. A previous post showed an example of a brand name being interpreted phonetically, with hilarious consequences.

Here’s the quickest way to adjust your subtitles:

  • From the list view in your Youtube Channel video manager, locate “Subtitles and CC”.

Locate subtitles


  • Click on the circular, green button confirming the language setting.

Click on green button which sets the language

  • Preview the automatic captions and click edit from the bottom right.

Preview and edit captions

  • Click Overwrite and this will allow you to adjust text and timings. At the very least, check how the captioning has interpreted your brand name. Publish your changes.  
  • If you need to export your subtitles, use the actions menu on the top right to download an SRT file. By changing the extention name to .txt, you will be able to view or copy them to wordpad.

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